Mena Legal Law Firm

Technically & IT laws

What can we offer to our clients?

As a strategic business partner to our clients, we can serve them in the field of law that is related to technology, not only in UAE but also in the MENA region Laws such as Data Protection Laws, Artificial Intelligence, National and international Cybersecurity framework, internal training & workshops, and Investigations.

Data Protection/Privacy

Since the GDPR issuance date in 2016 and goes into effect in 2018, all the companies that deal with personal data in the EU must have complied with that new regulation.

Also, In the middle east, data protection laws are still new, Qatar 2016, Bahrain 2018, Egypt 2020, KSA 2021, and UAE have a lot of regulations from 2016 to 2021.

  • Informing and advising the company and its coworkers who carry out the processing of their obligations pursuant to GDPR and data privacy laws.
  • Advice your DPO office on the process of Data Subject Requests, Data Privacy/ Transfer Impact assessments, Data Breaches, and processing activities.
  • Provide data protection training and workshops to the internal teams.
  • Evaluate the impact of legislative, regulatory, legal developments, and industry proposals involving privacy and security across the company`s services within the MENA region.