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Criminal Law & Procedures

Criminal law

We are expertise to help and assist you if have been convicted of committing a crime in the state’s jurisdiction.

The legal structure in the country is unique in many ways, and – like many other states in the Middle East region –is based on the Islamic Shariah Law. The Shariah Law has sophisticated definitions for criminal offenses, of which the lawyer defending you must have a strong command.

With a team of professional criminal defense lawyers in Dubai, operating just as effectively in other parts of the country, we have built the reputation of a trustworthy criminal law advisory firm ready to represent you to defend any criminal allegations you face and litigate on your behalf in trials if it comes to that. Our lawyers and support teams are very familiar with the procedures of the federal legal system and trained to manage cases from preliminary police investigations and formal prosecution to trial negotiations and courtroom litigation.


Our criminal defense services and legal consultancy are based on providing compassionate and pragmatic services to clients. We understand that, when faced with criminal allegations, people are emotionally perturbed, and thus we provide our lawyers and legal teams are trained to offer complete criminal defense legal services for all kinds of criminal lawsuits, including – but not limited to – the following:

  • Drugs related offenses,
  • Drugs cases
  • Financial malpractice crimes
  • Extradition assistance
  • Violence related crimes
  • Sex associated offenses,
  • sexual harassment
  • Deportation
  • Travel ban
  • Bail
  • Bounced cheque cases